Style Event Details Help

Throughout the Create Event process you'll find a number of opportunities to Enhance Your Event. The Rich-Text Formatting (RTF) toolbar is how you will access these options. An RTF toolbar is located at the top of the Organization Details, Events Details, and Detailed Ticket Explanation sections of the Create Event page.

RTF toolbar

Basic Text Formatting

To apply the basic formatting for text you would first enter the text into either the Organization Details, Events Details, or Detailed Ticket Explanation sections. Next, click to highlight the text to be formatted. Then select from the various formatting options and in real time your text will change. The toolbar buttons from left to right are found in groups. They are:

Bold, Italicize, and Underline

Bold Button BOLD
Italics Button italics
Underline Button underline

Fonts and Text Size

Font Selector
Font Selector
Size Selector
Size Selector

Text Color and Background Color

Text Color Selector
Text Color Selector
Background Color Selector
Background Color Selector

Bullets and Numbering

Bullets (Unordered List) Bullets (Unordered List)
Numbers (Ordered List) Numbers (Ordered List)

Text Justification (Alignment)

Left Left
Centered Centered
Right Right
Justified Justified

Besides text formatting, you can add web hyperlinks, images, YouTube® videos, and even work with HTML.

Web Hyperlinks

Hyperlink Clicking this button opens Insert Hyperlink:
Insert Hyperlink Window

Here you can enter the web address, the displayed text, and a ToolTip that will pop up when a user hovers over the link. You can also choose to have this hyperlink appear in a new window, so the user may continue to browse your event. Once satisfied, click “Insert” to create the link. In this example suppose you wanted to insert a link to the ezEvent® home page. You would enter the website URL as the web address, enter the text that will display for the link in the Text area, and enter a ToolTip for when someone hovers over the hyperlink.

Break HyperlinkBreak Hyperlink. If you have a hyperlink you’d like to remove, select the link’s anchor text (text displayed as link), then click this button. The link will be removed, but the anchor text will remain.


ezEvent® lets you upload images into a library and then insert any of them into these detail areas. It is easy to do in a step-by-step process. First, load the image into your account library. Next, insert the image into the detail section. You can also upload the image, close the Insert Image dialog box, and select the location you want to insert the picture.

  1. Click on the Insert Image Image Button button. This button opens the Image Uploader dialog box.
  2. Press +Upload to upload pictures from your computer. A dialog box will allow you to select from the files on your computer. Select which image files you want to add to the library.
  3. The file(s) will be copied to your account.
  4. Select the location in the detail section where you want to add a picture. Next, press the Insert Image button to reopen the dialog box.
  5. Click on the image you want to insert and then click the Insert button at the bottom right of the dialog box. If the image shows as still loading you can click on it at any time. (It takes a while to copy to your cloud based account storage area but it will copy from your computer while it is still loading.)
Insert Image Window

Your picture will appear in the area of the detail section you choose. You can add as many pictures as you want along with the text, web links, and YouTube® videos you need. You can rearrange pictures, videos, and text by simply dragging them around the detail area. You can align them as well by pressing the align buttons on the toolbar.

YouTube® Videos

The step-by-step process to add a YouTube® video is similar to how you add images:

  1. First go to YouTube® and search for the video you want to use.
  2. When you have the video displayed, click on 'Share' to display the custom URL for the clip.
  3. Copy this URL displayed under 'Share this video' (in this example:
  4. Select the place in the detail section you want to add the video.
  5. Click on the Insert YouTube® YouTube Button button. This button opens up the Insert Video dialog box. Here you can paste the URL from the YouTube® video’s Share option.
Insert Video
Video in Event Details

HTML Editor

The last icon in the formatting toolbar is the HTML icon HTML Icon. This is for use by web developers and people with an understanding of HTML. Everything you place on the detail sections – text, web links, pictures, and YouTube® video is stored as HTML code behind the scenes. By pressing the HTML icon you will see the HTML behind the scenes.

Selecting the HTML editor allows you to view, change, and update the HTML in that section of the site.